Amy Howard Home

Walk the historic streets of the Paris Flea Market with Amy Howard, and you will witness a profound romance unfold before your eyes. Only someone with decades of voracious art history training and a highly intuitive eye could possess such deep-rooted affections for otherwise forgotten antiquities. Every venture from Howard’s accomplished life has been inspired by the illustrious art and living from centuries passed. Amy Howard’s world is one that beckons us all to open our senses to the vast beauties this aged world has to offer, and to never again settle for anything less. For the last 20 years, Amy Howard Home grew from leading the interior design market by restoring and building luxury home furnishings, to providing makers with a distinguished class of artisan-quality paint products and training. This journey has not been for the faint of heart, nor have Gene and Amy Howard found their accomplishments by happenstance. The Howard’s compelling successes are held together by the unwavering tie of living out their days, pursuing what they love.