Watercolor on Fabric with Lexi
Watercolor on Fabric with Lexi
Watercolor on Fabric with Lexi
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Watercolor on Fabric with Lexi

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Class Details: Watercolor on Fabric with Lexi

When: Saturday, August 20th

Time: 10am to 1pm

Where: via Zoom or Replay (available after class)

Let’s draw and/or stamp on fabric and watercolor it, shall we?! Let me show you the ins and outs of this awesome technique, and walk away with lots of holiday gift ideas and presents for friends and loved ones! No watercolor experience is required, so beginners come on in!!!

Please note, I give a variety of options on supplies, with a variety of price points, if you are wondering if you can use something different, send me an email and I’ll help where I can! There are lots of brands out there that do the same thing, and if you already have something that can work, no need to buy something new.

Can’t make class date and time? No worries, as usual the lessons will be recorded and available for download!


  1. Tea Towels or any other fabric with a tightly knit fiber (not super textured). Keep in mind super thin fabrics like quilting cotton can bleed and are not ideal, so a bit thicker (heavier weight) is best. Alternately, you could use soft cotton bags, totes, table runners (whatever you like).


  1. Fabric Medium – Golden gac900 (gac is pricier but once washed and dried is softer) or American Fabric Medium
  2. Liquid Watercolor (I am using Ph. Martin’s Hydrus brand – use a 40% off coupon at Michael’s if you can) or High Flow Acrylics or Marabu Aqua Ink Set – you can make dry or tubed watercolors work, but it takes far more time, which is why I prefer to use fluid watercolor or acrylics for this technique
  3. Brushes – a variety of sizes (do NOT use your high quality brushes, just your craft grade ones)
  4. Spray bottle with water
  5. Mixing Palette with individual wells for assorted colors and mixing
  6. Toothpicks or Popsicle sticks or skewers
  7. Fabric Marker (I’m using Tulip Fine Tip Markers in black)
  8. Dropper or Pipettes (it helps to have about 4 or 5)
  9. Optional – iron and ironing board. The heat setting can be done in your dryer, if you don’t own an iron.
  10. Optional – If you prefer to stamp rather than draw you designs, please feel free to use stamps. You will need preferred stamps, a brayer, fabric paint (or IOD inks) and a paper plate

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Please note that I make my living teaching classes and as a licensing artist. I do not sell nor am I sponsored by any of the company’s products that I use in my classes. I ask that you please not take my classes and reteach them online, through social media or in-person classes. My classes are for your personal growth. Please do not license, copy or duplicate content created in my classes. I so appreciate you taking class with me and adore having you here!