(Instant Download) Mixed Media: Acrylic Animals Session3 - llama, horse, lion & ostrich

(Instant Download) Mixed Media: Acrylic Animals Session3 - llama, horse, lion & ostrich

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Class Details: Mixed Media: Acrylic Animals (Session3) with Lexi

What: Mixed media backgrounds w/ decoupage, stencils and texture, basic sketching and acrylic painting

Where: Instant Download (Be sure to download these to your desktop or smart devise ASAP. All classes are removed from the platform February 1st of the following year).

Join me for a paws-itively vibrant and fun time creating mixed media backgrounds and applying acrylic animal paintings to them! No experience necessary, seriously no drawing experience needed! Just join us and have some painty fun. This course gives you 5 different lessons. We begin with the creating of our backgrounds, and I’ll share how I add textural interest with plaster, how to apply IOD Paint Inlays in plaster, add those fabulous IOD scrap bits you might have and age the papers and layers with walnut ink. The backgrounds are so pretty, you’ll have a hard time painting on them…don’t worry, you can just make more! Mixed media backgrounds are a blast to create, so just let go and have a blast with this process!


  • Acrylic Paints (a wide variety of basic acrylic paints is fun, but use what you have, even chalk paints are awesome) – Most of my students bought the same set as me (Liquitex Acrylic Paint set of 48 colors), so they didn’t have a tough time matching my colors.
  • Saral Transfer Paper in Black
  • Mixing Palette (plastic or even a paper plate with do)
  • Optional - Posca White Acrylic Pen (fine tip) - Any and all posca markers are welcome but not mandatory
  • Spray bottle for water or Mini Mister
  • Optional - Stencils and small piece of bubble wrap (I will use mostly font stencils this round)
  • Pencil/Eraser
  • Metal Stylus or Pen
  • Saral Transfer Paper (gray or black)
  • Magazine Pages, old envelopes, cardstock, scrapbook paper, vintage paper, paper doilies – anything to create your decoupage backgrounds (I’m cutting all my pieces into strips with a paper cutter) and we will decoupage the pieces onto either canvas panels or mixed media journal or watercolor paper (if you opt for loose paper, consider getting some painters tape and having a hard surface to tape it to)
  • Mod Podge or Matte Gel Medium
  • Palette knife or makeup sponge or stencil brush – for applying your paint through stencils
  • Optional Aquarelle Stabilo Black Pencil
  • Heat tool
  • Mixed Media brushes (for glue and/or acrylic paints, one small for detail work, one medium and one large ¾” or 1” is good

Please note that I make my living teaching classes and as a licensing artist. I do not sell nor am I sponsored by any of the company’s products that I use in my classes. I ask that you please not take my classes and reteach them online, through social media or in-person classes. My classes are for your personal growth. Please do not license, copy or duplicate content created in my classes. I so appreciate you taking class with me and adore having you here!