April Session 2023: Plaster & Patina with Lexi

April Session 2023: Plaster & Patina with Lexi

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Class Details: How to create matte finishes with your acrylic paints, customize mixes of Venetian plaster (smooth, chunky or a mix of the two), add texture and layers of interest, create gorgeous patina finishes, and add gold glitz

When: Saturday, April 15th , 2023

Time: 10am to 1pm PST

What: Introduction to Amy Howard Home products, Creating Incredible Plaster and Patina Finishes – these can be applied to canvas, home décor projects and furniture.

Where: Live classes are hosted online via Zoom. However a replay is available after class. The video is always posted in the Facebook Messenger Classroom (if you are not on Facebook, you will need to email me to receive the link & password)

As most of you know, I’m primarily an artist & teacher, and stocking product never really appealed to me. However, I recently became a stockist of Amy Howard Home, and I did so for a really good reason. There are just certain products that really excite me, and I love the idea of marrying my mediums. It occurred to me that it would make it easier for students and customers if I began to stock what I so often use in my online classes. Venetian Plaster, Calcium Carbonate, Antiquing Glaze and Pigment Powders are products I plan to use personally for years to come; some products are just plain “staples”, and I love that the shelf life of the powdered mediums is so lengthy. I also love the idea of only mixing up as much as I need.

In my exploration of these mediums & products, Plaster & Patina workshop was born. We all love chalk paint, we all love texture, but many of my students already have a great deal of acrylic paints. The idea of buying all new chalk paints, for the wonderful matte finish, just feels painful. Each kit will include enough product for you to try out these products and decide if they excite you, as much as they do me.

Learn to create the matte finish of chalk paint with your acrylics, mix up luscious & crackly plaster to texture your canvases and have a blast with layers and layers of soft patina finishes.

Class Kit Includes (kits and shipping cost included in cost of class):

  1. Venetian Plaster 4oz jar
  2. Calcium Carbonate 4oz jar
  3. Antiquing Glaze 1oz bottle
  4. Pigment Powders (Strasbourg White, Riviera Blue, Loire Earth, Provincial Yellow, Calais Green, Scandinavian Grey) – sm Ziploc bags of each color
  5. POSH Chalk Pigment (pale gold – PC0204) sm Ziploc bag & Infusor 1oz bottle
  6. (3) Pipettes
  7. (6) Condiment Cups with Lids

Supply List (you need to pick these up):

  • (3) 5x7 stretched canvases, or panels or even cardboard if you simply want to play (just keep your substrate sizes 5x7 or smaller)
  • Palette knife
  • Baking Soda
  • Spray bottle or Mister for water
  • Cup for water
  • Acrylic paints in white and black (or other colors if you prefer, but the pigment powders are easiest for me to teach on white and black to start)
  • Paper plates (at least 5-10) for mixing up paints, pigments and plaster
  • Plastic Spoon
  • Sea sponge (the more craggy the better)
  • Heat tool or hair dryer
  • Baby Wipes or Rags (like old tshirts)
  • Paint brush (large for quick coverage)
  • Spray Fixative (Krylon or Grumbacher or SpectraFix)
  • Stencils (Use whatever you have, and I'll be using these from WoodUBend : PCS019, PCS035, PCS015)
  • Optional: Posh Chalk Patina, color: Aqua Patina Primary Green (PC0403)

Classroom/Class Outline/Intellectual Property

Facebook Messenger Classroom - We have a private Facebook Messenger group for each of my online classes. If we are not “friends” already on Facebook, please send me a friend request here. I will add you to this Messenger group. It’s a place to communicate with fellow students, share work, and ask questions.

At the time of purchase you will receive an email from Send Owl, if you do not receive an email within 20 minutes of your purchase, please check your trash or spam mail. In the event that you do not have an email, please reach out, and I will send it to you manually. The Send Owl email includes your class outline and class details. You have three download attempts on this file. In the event that you receive a notice that your access has expired, simply email me, and I’ll reset your access manually. Your Zoom class link will be included in your class outline. This same code will be used for the 4wk duration.

I own the intellectual property of the work and techniques taught in these classes. I do not sell nor am I sponsored by any of the company’s products that I use in my classes. Please do not license the content created in my classes, duplicate or reteach the classes (online, in person or via recording). These courses are intended for your own personal growth, and I’m delighted to share my love of art with you!