Watercolor Moth Study with Lexi, Inspired by Larysa Bernhardt's Stitched Art

Watercolor Moth Study with Lexi, Inspired by Larysa Bernhardt's Stitched Art

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Class Details: watercolor, gold leafing, image transfer and decoupage

When: Saturday, April 29th

Time: 10am to 1pm PST

What: Learn to sketch, watercolor and embellish moth studies, inspired by Larysa Bernhardt’s hand stitched creations. We will also incorporate IOD transfers and Roycycled decoupage papers for two of our moths

Where: Live classes are hosted online via Zoom. However a replay is available after class. The video is always posted in the Facebook Messenger Classroom (if you are not on Facebook, you will need to email me to receive the link & password)

A couple years back, while scrolling through my Instagram feed, I stumbled on an artist by the name of Larysa Bernhardt. She did these gorgeous stitched pieces, using rich velvets, tapestry and intricate hand stitched scenes. Many of her creations are large moths, which might sound kind of strange for non-bug loving folks, but for those of us intrigued by nature’s glory…pure eye candy. I was inspired to paint some of her moths, but incorporate our love of mixed media and paper supplies.

In this lesson, we will work on three moths, each so wonderfully different – each one done with you step by step. The most technically challenging is the Victorian scene, but I’ll show you my tips and tricks for tackling the faces and such. The second and third moths will be more whimsical, and we’ll incorporate IOD and Roycycled supplies for those.

Kits will be mailed out to you, and the cost of shipping and supplies will be included in the cost of your class.

Class Kit Includes (kits and shipping cost included in cost of class):

  1. Amy Howard Gilding Size
  2. Gold Leaf 1 6x6 Sheet
  3. Roycycled Bird Catalog (full sheet)
  4. IOD Floral Image Transfers (these will vary from kit to kit)


Supply List (you need to pick these up):

  • Saral Transfer Paper
  • Watercolor Paper (9x12)
  • Watercolor Paints, unique colors are Hematite Violet Genuine, Buff Titanium & Moonglow
  • Brushes (6, 2 and 18/0)
  • Class Print Outs Printed Before Class
  • Ball point pen (red or blue is easier to see, but black will do)
  • Mod Podge or Top Coat or Decoupage Medium – your choice of decoupage glue
  • Brush for decoupage and one for gilding size – size 1 round is great (not your good watercolor brushes)
  • Scissors (fussy cutters – so super sharp detail cutting scissors)
  • SpectraFix Spray Fixative
  • Clear Gesso
  • Heat tool (for quickly drying your work)
  • Optional Kaweco fountain pen with caramel brown ink
  • Optional – Image Transfers of your choosing. Some will be provided in your kits (all different from kit to kit)

Classroom/Class Outline/Intellectual Property

Facebook Messenger Classroom - We have a private Facebook Messenger group for each of my online classes. If we are not “friends” already on Facebook, please send me a friend request here. I will add you to this Messenger group. It’s a place to communicate with fellow students, share work, and ask questions.

At the time of purchase you will receive an email from Send Owl, if you do not receive an email within 20 minutes of your purchase, please check your trash or spam mail. In the event that you do not have an email, please reach out, and I will send it to you manually. The Send Owl email includes your class outline and class details. You have three download attempts on this file. In the event that you receive a notice that your access has expired, simply email me, and I’ll reset your access manually. Your Zoom class link will be included in your class outline. This same code will be used for the 4wk duration.

I own the intellectual property of the work and techniques taught in these classes. I do not sell nor am I sponsored by any of the company’s products that I use in my classes. Please do not license the content created in my classes, duplicate or reteach the classes (online, in person or via recording). These courses are intended for your own personal growth, and I’m delighted to share my love of art with you!