(Instant Download) Book Study, In Bloom by Rachel Reinert with Lexi

(Instant Download) Book Study, In Bloom by Rachel Reinert with Lexi

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Book Study with Lexi

Book Inspiration: In Bloom by Rachel Reinert

6 Instant Download Videos (9 flowers/plants)

New to watercolor? Excited to start, but scared to at the same time? This is the perfect beginner watercolor course! I'll be using Rachel Reinert's book , In Bloom, as my book study. It is important to note, that I do NOT teach the drawing, Rachel does a tremendous job of that in her book (step by step - super easy to follow). However, I walk you through the ins and outs of how to watercolor these beauties! There are 6 video lessons, but I show you how to paint 9 flowers/plants. Each lesson is pre-recorded, you are most welcome to download as well! There are no live lessons for this series, but I am ALWAYS available via email if you have any questions! It's also important to note that you do NOT have to have the same colors as I use. This Michaels watercolor set is PERFECT, as it offers a great deal of similar colors to mine.

This course includes 6 video lessons but we cover 9 flowers/plants. The following flowers/plants are covered in this course:

  • Lesson 1: Alstroemeria pg.14
  • Lesson 2: Gerbera Daisy pg.50
  • Lesson 3: Marigolds & Begonias pg. 62 & pg. 68
  • Lesson 4: Tulip & Camellia - pg. 83 & pg. 59
  • Lesson 5: Carnation & Aloe pg. 91 & pg. 44
  • Lesson 6: Kangaroo Paw pg. 108

Class Supplies:

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