Book Study with Lexi Featuring Emma Block's Get Started with Gouache

Book Study with Lexi Featuring Emma Block's Get Started with Gouache

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Class Details:
When: Saturday, May 1st & Sunday, May 2nd (two-day workshop)
What: Book Study with Lexi, Featuring Emma Block's, Getting Started with Gouache
Time: 11am to 2pm PST
Where: Zoom Live Lesson (recording to follow several hours after class)


Whether you've been on a watercolor journey for years, or are just starting out, this is an outstanding two-day adventure into watercolor gouache that you don't want to miss. We'll be studying from Emma Block's book, Get Started with Gouache (mandatory book purchase to enroll). A minimum of 8 exercises are planned (4 each day), but my hopes are to tackle 12 of Emma's delightful illustrations. Several of them are just fabulous "warm-up" activities, and you'll find yourself inspired to paint everything around you in soft pastels! Any gouache set will work, as Emma covers basic color mixes options for each painting, however I will be using the SUI gouache set, available on Amazon.


Warm-Ups on pg.29 (negative space) and pg.55 (flowers)

pg.49 - Poppies on Black Background

pg.69 - Cacti

pg.77 - Lemon

Pg.85 - Cake

pg.101 - Birds

pg.125 - Girl with Flowers

pg.137 - Shells

pg.143 - Enamel Kettle on Black Background

pg. 169 - Pink Townhouse

pg.175 - Windswept Beach


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