Apoxie Clay & Resin Jewelry Workshop

Apoxie Clay & Resin Jewelry Workshop

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What: Step by Step Guided Jewelry Workshop

When: Saturday, June 29th 10am to 1pm PST (Pacific Standard Time)

How to Watch: Live Lesson via Zoom followed by Replay/Download Option

For jewelry lovers, you likely know all the really unique pieces are quite costly, and sometimes the joy of jewelry is the art of making it yourself. Join me for a full workshop in which I show you how to make your own silicone mould, reverse mould, set CZ’s in your designs, how to attach screwback bezels, create custom resin colors, work with resin and create gorgeous one-of-a-kind accessories!

Your kits and shipping are included in the cost of class. The class will include one live session via Zoom on 6/29/24, and will also include a full video replay which you can download within 6wks of your class.


Class Supplies:

  • ·         Clear Resin (you need A&B NOT UV cure) with 1oz mixing cups & popsicle stick
  • ·         Jewelry Pliers (flat nose and/or hook nose & wire cutters)
  • ·         Acrylic paint of your favorite color
  • ·         Charms that you would like to use for the moulding process and for setting into the apoxie
  • ·         Trash bag (or craft sheet/silpat sheet if you have one) – for setting and curing your resin pieces, so you don’t ruin your work surface
  • ·         Super Glue (fast drying, hard bond and tiny tip applicator)


Class Kit (included in cost of class):

  • ·         Castin Craft Easy Mould (part A and B)
  • ·         Aves Apoxie Sculpt in Black (part A and B)
  • ·         Gold Screwback Bezel (for cuff)
  • ·         Antique Bronze Long Rectangle Bezel
  • ·         Beaded Edge Circle Bezel (in silver or antique bronze varies from kit to kit)
  • ·         Ball chain (in silver or antique bronze varies from kit to kit)
  • ·         Jumpring (in silver or antique bronze varies from kit to kit)
  • ·         Leather cuff with snaps already set
  • ·         (3) Faceted CZ’s
  • ·         Nitrile Gloves
  • ·         Brass Stamping

Classroom/Class Outline/Intellectual Property

Facebook Messenger Classroom - We have a private Facebook Messenger group for each of my online classes. If we are not “friends” already on Facebook, please send me a friend request here. I will add you to this Messenger group. It’s a place to communicate with fellow students, share work, and ask questions.

At the time of purchase you will receive an email from Send Owl, if you do not receive an email within 20 minutes of your purchase, please check your trash or spam mail. In the event that you do not have an email, please reach out, and I will send it to you manually. The Send Owl email includes your class outline and class details. You have three download attempts on this file. In the event that you receive a notice that your access has expired, simply email me, and I’ll reset your access manually. Your Zoom class link will be included in your class outline. This same code will be used for the 4wk duration.

I own the intellectual property of the work, drawings and techniques taught in these classes. Please do not license the content created in my classes, duplicate/copy or reteach the classes/content (online, in person or via recording). These courses are intended for your own personal growth, and I’m delighted to share my love of art with you!